Dear VW enthusiasts,
The decision to no longer be able to deliver to our Austrian and French customers in the Federal territory was not easy for us. Unfortunately, the European bureaucracy, which has been implemented in Austria in a way that is hostile to small businesses, no longer forces us to deliver to the Austrian federal territory. We simply cannot afford a notarized representative for the reporting and licensing of the sales packaging placed on the market for the first time at a cost of around €500/year. In France, too, our capacity has been exceeded with the special packaging labeling and the introduction and bureaucratic payment of their own license fee. The visions of Europe are crumbling and disintegrating into small states! Please look for a mail order shop in Germany and collect your goods from there. We would not and would not be happy to lose you as a customer. Thanks in advance.
Kind regards, your Alex Imbusch

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Sifatek Interior Spare Parts Repros for Oldtimer Youngtimer Newtimer Commercial Vehicles

Wellcome to our Onlineshop. We focus on spare parts and repros for interiors for old Volkswagen and other cars.

We produce for your Oldtimer door panels and interior in a partner company in the best quality.

Made in Germany.

You can select your tone and surface from over 300 different vinyle fabrics. On demand we can colour parts or your complete panels with special vinyle paintings in a tone similar to RAL, NCS or Sikkens colours. Special efects like chrome moldings are also available

We cut off all holes and contures of the varios panel materials such as different hardboards or plywoods with CNC machining center accurate to a millimetre, to be sure to get a perfect fitting coppy of your needed door card. We reproduce all seams not by a sewing machine, but with a big press. As a result you get the special original heatseam interoir desings that was common in about all kind of cars between the 50s and the 90s. We reproduce these heatseam design of the yesterdays vehicles ... but even brand-new

For the future we will steadily extend our repertoir. 

Our coming projekts aare: 

  • Door side and kick panels for Typ2 Busses, Split, Baywindow and T25 Vanagon California Edition
  • Door side and kick panels for Beetle 1958 - 2003
  • Door side and kick panels for rabits and GTI
  • Door side and kick panels for Karmann Ghia Typ 14 Low Light 1958 - 1959

Thanks in all have supported us with their orders.

Our advice

Clip for VW T2 Bay Baywindow Earlybay Latebay

Clip for VW T2 Bay Baywindow Earlybay...

from 0,39 EUR
VW Bug

VW Bug convertible rear panel set...

45,00 EUR
Chrome Head Door Panel Fasteners VW T1 Split T2 Bay

Chrome Head Door Panel Fasteners VW...

0,85 EUR
VW T2b panel for engine compartment right for 50,66,68 and 70 hp carbourator

VW T2b panel for engine compartment...

29,00 EUR
Panel fastener for VW Beetle Karmann Ghia Fastback Notchback Typ3 Typ4 Typ14 Typ34

Panel fastener for VW Beetle Karmann...

from 0,28 EUR
Doorpanel for slidingdoor T 25

VW T25 early vanagon door panel for...

from 189,00 EUR
Clip for old beetle and Karmann Ghia before 1957 N143891

Clip for old beetle and Karmann Ghia...

0,99 EUR
Türklammer Türclip für den VW Bus T3, Golf 1 andere VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, Opel

VW Vanagon T25 door panel clips

0,39 EUR
Fastener, retainer for VW T3 Vanagon T25

VW T3 Vanagon T25 panel fastener for...

0,65 EUR
VW T1 splitscreen panels doorpanels from 55 - 67

VW T1 splitscreen panels doorpanels...

Price on request

New product

VW Beetle dot fabric beige

Car fabric for seat upholstery

99,90 EUR
71,36 EUR per sqm