Dear VW enthusiasts,
stormy times! I finally got rid of the GmbH. Unfortunately, the aftermath was significant and I had to spend a large part of my working time converting from a GmbH to a sole proprietorship. Now, after 25 years, I have been laid off from the workshop due to converting it into a living space. I quickly found a new workshop in the neighboring town. After careful consideration, I decided not to give up my favorite job “VW door panels”. I see it as a chance to start over. New machines, new shop, new items. That is my goal. This takes time! I am therefore closing my workshop
from July 17th, 2023 to December 31st, 2023.
All orders after July 17th, 2023 can only be delivered from January 1st, 2024. All outstanding orders from before will be completed by Oktober 13, 2023. I will start moving and renovating from October 16st, 2023. If you want to support me and have time until March 2024 at the latest, then I would be happy to receive any order. Thanks in advance.
Kind regards, your Alex Imbusch
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Standard Vinyle fabric letherette per meter

Product No.:
deliverytime 7 workingdays deliverytime 7 workingdays (abroad may vary)
Standard vinyle colour:

Sliding scale prices

1-4,9 units
per 49,00 EUR (35,00 EUR per sqm)
5-9,9 units
per 44,00 EUR (31,43 EUR per sqm)
> 9,9 units
per 39,00 EUR (27,86 EUR per sqm)
49,00 EUR
35,00 EUR per sqm

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

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This are our standard vinyle fabrics we alwas have in stock. 
If you order 1 meter, you get 1 meter (1,11 yards) with the width of 1,4m (1,46 yards)  = 1,4 m². The thickness is about 1,1mm and the wight is between 650g/m² and 700g/m²
The wight of 1 meter is about 1 kg. If you want to know more about this item, please switch shop to german.

1meter is about 1,11 yards
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